Monday, January 16, 2006

We not giving up

This photo essay is a tribute to the children of Jones Town and Arnett Gardens, who are the pioneers of a robotics programme in their community. It tries to document the period of their preparation to participate in the robotics competition in California, from their first team-building activities to their research on impact of garbage on the Kingston Harbour to building an oceanic environment from LEGO pieces and designing a robot to perform missions.

These children came out to training inspite of the torrential raindrops.....and the torrential rain of gunshots which regularly barked through their homes and even bit the lives of their loved ones. They demonstrated committment, dedication, courage and sacrifice in honour of only a promise from a strange face that they may one day travel on a plane to the USA, see a different world and expand their options. It could be said that through robotics they learned problem-solving, collaboration and how to work with limited resources or it could be said that they were born doing those things in order to survive in the innercities of Kingston, and robotics was just another exercise.

They never gave up hope and we will never give up on them.

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Photography: Arrianne Williams
Soundtrack: We not giving up by Machel Montano

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