Friday, November 04, 2005

The mission

Halls of Learning is a Jamaican-based organization dedicated to empowering the lives of people through education. Inspired in part, by Marcus Garvey’s actions as a ‘man of learning’, Halls of Learning is committed to providing the highest quality educational experiences for young people, equal to, or exceeding international standards.

Our mission is to inspire, excite and stimulate our learners and help them find the avenues to their potential.

Halls of Learning will revolutionize what is offered in terms education and training, aided and abetted by the latest technology and thinking.

We believe that every child, regardless of background, must be given access to high quality experiences in learning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt the work you do is powerful and positive...the aim of your project has the potential to be far reaching and life changing for those who sign on at any level :)

Sun Nov 27, 07:54:00 AM EST  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

go marv!

great to see that we'll be able to watch hallsoflearning from afar and to share in, and cheer on, your efforts.


Tue Jan 10, 10:04:00 AM EST  

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